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Bluetooth Keyboard Keystrokes For iOS 7

Many of the VoiceOver gestures can be replicated on a bluetooth keyboard when paired with your Apple device.  To pair your Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple device, make sure the keyboard is turned on.  Then, go to Settings, Bluetooth, and … Continue reading

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How I crossed over to the ‘Dark Side’ (I mean iPhone)

By Curtis Chong Contributing Writer  In the summer of 2009, almost two years ago, Apple announced that its iPhone (a smart phone operated primarily through a touch screen) would be equipped with the VoiceOver program, software designed to allow the … Continue reading

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CSUN: A recap from the week in San Diego

By Curtis Chong Contributing Writer From March 15-19, I attended the 26th annual CSUN International Technology & People with Disabilities Conference held in San Diego.  During the conference, I attended a number of formal sessions, visited with a few companies in … Continue reading

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iPad continues to revolutionize accessibility

By Sarah Cranston Contributing Writer For years, blind students have had several ways of reading electronic textbooks. Many scan their books and read them using a computer. Others use notetakers and read them in Braille. Still others read books using … Continue reading

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Braille Access to Portable Devices Using Refreshabraille

By Tai Blas Contributing Writer I have recently acquired a Refreshabraille 18 Braille display sold by the American Printing House for the Blind. Refreshabraille, which retails for $1,695, is an 18-cell display and Braille keyboard, which connects to devices using either Bluetooth or USB … Continue reading

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iPhone on Verizon a boon for accessibility

By Curtis Chong On January 11, Apple and Verizon announced that effective February 10, Apple’s well-known iPhone 4 will be available to Verizon customers. Among people who are blind or visually impaired, the iPhone is known for its built-in nonvisual … Continue reading

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Get ready for the Mac

By Michael Barber [tweetmeme service=”idbonline”] If someone had told me three years ago that I would be a fan of the Apple Macintosh (Mac) computer, I probably would have growled and/or made some disparaging remarks.  Most everyone I knew used … Continue reading

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