Iowa Dept. for the Blind

The Iowa Department for the Blind serves blind and visually impaired Iowans through an array of services, including vocational rehabilitation, independent living and an orientation center for blind adults.

Outside the IDB building.In 1960 the Department launched its Library to serve those who could not read standard print. They began shipping books in alternative formats, such as audio and Braille.

The Department is located in downtown Des Moines. It is funded through state and federal dollars, and works to ensure that all Iowans with significant vision loss receive services to help them live independent, satisfying lives.

The Department’s mission has been to provide skills training to build one’s confidence following vision loss. And that with this training they can go on to lead successful lives and believe that it is OK to be blind.

To learn more about services, contact the Department at (515) 281-1333 or (800) 362-2587 within Iowa. You can also e-mail the Department at or check out its website at


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