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Bluetooth Keyboard Keystrokes For iOS 7

Many of the VoiceOver gestures can be replicated on a bluetooth keyboard when paired with your Apple device.  To pair your Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple device, make sure the keyboard is turned on.  Then, go to Settings, Bluetooth, and … Continue reading

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Freedom Scientific Releases JAWS for Windows Version 14

By Curtis Chong On October 22, 2012, Freedom Scientific announced the official release of JAWS for Windows Version 14, called JAWS 14 by those who know the program well. JAWS for Windows continues to occupy a large share of the … Continue reading

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The Braille EDGE 40: The Newest Offering by HIMS, Inc.

By Michael D. Barber Contributing Writer My very first introduction to the world of refreshable Braille was in 1991 during my employment as the first totally blind customer service representative at then Norwest Card Services (later to become Wells Fargo … Continue reading

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Just Me and My Netbook

By Susie Stageberg Anybody who has tried to share a home with two teenagers and one computer can understand why, a year or so ago, I put down my foot and shouted, “Enough! I want my own computer.” My family … Continue reading

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Olympus Digital Recorders Still Accessible to the Blind

By Curtis Chong Contributing Writer About a month ago, I purchased the Olympus DM-620 digital voice recorder in my ongoing quest to acquire the latest and greatest in nonvisually-accessible digital recorders.  The Olympus DM-620 digital recorder is the latest in … Continue reading

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