Bluetooth Keyboard Keystrokes For iOS 7

Many of the VoiceOver gestures can be replicated on a bluetooth keyboard when paired with your Apple device.  To pair your Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple device, make sure the keyboard is turned on.  Then, go to Settings, Bluetooth, and flick right until you hear the name of your keyboard and double tap.  You may be asked to enter a series of numbers.  After you’ve done this, your keyboard should pair with your device.

In the table below, the Control and Option Keys will be referred to as VO when used in conjunction with other keystrokes.  So, holding down the Control and Option keys while pressing the Right-Arrow Key will be shown as VO right-arrow.



VoiceOver Keyboard Help

VO plus K

Exit Application


Move To Previous Item

VO plus Left-Arrow

Move to Next Item

VO plus Right-Arrow

Activate Selected Item

VO plus Spacebar

Use The Rotor

First, turn on QuickNav by pressing left and right-arrow together.  Then, press the Up-Arrow and Right-Arrow keys to twist right and Up-Arrow and Left Arrow to twist left.

Select Item With QuickNav On

Press Up and Down-Arrow together

With QuickNav Keys On, Scroll To Next Screen

Option plus Right-Arrow

With QuickNav Keys On, Scroll To Previous Screen

Option plus Left-Arrow

Return To home Screen

VO plus H

With QuickNav On, Move To Top Left Or Bottom Right Icon On The Screen

Control plus Up-Arrow or Control plus Down-Arrow

Activate The Back Button


Mute Speech

VO plus S

Turn Speech On

VO plus S

Go To Status Bar

VO plus M

Turn Screen Curtain On/Off

VO plus Shift plus S

Start or Stop Music

VO plus Dash

Answer A Call or Hang Up

VO plus Dash

Bring Up Item Chooser

VO plus I

Copy Something Spoken By VoiceOver

VO plus C

Move Command

VO plus Shift Plus M

Label Element

VO plus Slash

Read From Beginning Of Screen

VO plus B

Read From Current Cursor Position

VO plus A

Pause Speech

Two-Finger Tap (Control does not work in iOS 7_

Adjust Speech  Rate Or Volume, typing echo, sounds, punctuation, etc.

VO plus Command plus Right-Arrow to Choose one; then VO Plus Command Plus Up or Down-Arrow to Make Adjustment

Bring Up Spotlight Search

Option plus Up-Arrow

Turn On App Switcher

VO plus Command, then Press H twice

Close Running Items In App Switcher

Option plus Down-Arrow

Bring Up Notification Center

VO plus M to get to the Status Bar, then Option plus Up-Arrow

Go to Control Center

VO plus M to go to the Status Bar, then Option plus Down-Arrow

Volume Up


Volume Down


Mute Sound


Next Track


Stop/Start Current Track


Previous Track



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