Web Page Reading: Have It Your Way

By Michael Barber
Contributing Writer

Burger King is not the only company who lets you “have it your way.”  When it comes to the automatic reading of a web page when it’s loaded, Freedom Scientific gives you a choice. 

You may not want JAWS for Windows to automatically read a page after it loads.  You can make this change very simply in the JAWS Verbosity Dialog Box. 

Follow these steps:

  1. While in Internet Explorer, press the JAWS Key and tap the letter V to enter the JAWS Verbosity Dialog Box.  JAWS announces, “Adjust JAWS Options Dialog.”

2.  Press the letter D.  JAWS will say, “Document Automatically Reads on.”

3.  Press the spacebar once.  JAWS announces, “Document reads automatically off.”

4.  Press the Enter key to accept this change and close this dialog box.

If you press the F5 key to refresh the page, JAWS will eventually give you the summary of the page, but will not read automatically.

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