At CSUN: Zoom Reader app on its way

By Michael Barber
Contributing Writer

I am attending the 26th annual International Conference on Disabilities, sponsored by California State University at Northridge.  One of the exciting things to do at these conferences is to wander through the exhibit hall and catch up on the latest and greatest innovations in assistive technology.

Today, I visited the AI Squared booth and learned that very soon, you will be able to buy the Zoom Reader app from the Apple App Store for either the iPhone or iPod Touch.  AI Squared is the company which sells Zoomtext Magnifier and Zoomtext Mag/Reader, the Zoomtext Keyboard, and Zoomtext Express.  

Among other things, Zoom Reader will allow you to magnify the screen to 4x, set color enhancements, etc.  But the feature that attracted me is the ability to scan and read a document.  You will be able to take a picture and read right away or you can save the image and do the optical character recognition (OCR) later. 

According to the folks at AI Squared, the app has been submitted to Apple and should be available for download within a week.  I believe the purchase  price will be $19.95.

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4 Responses to At CSUN: Zoom Reader app on its way

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  2. Bill Robinson says:

    tel me about zoom reader for ipod4

    • Michael Barber says:

      Hi Mr. Robbinson: Actually, the ZoomReader app is more suitable to the iPhone as I believe it has a better camera. However, let me state that having taken a look at this app, I have found it’s meant for those with low vision and not those who, like me, are totally blind. I have used the OCR part of the app and got less than desirable results. So, if you are totally blind, or if you vision is such that using principally a screen reader works best, I wouldn’t get the app.

  3. Bobbi says:

    having a leaning disability, and difficulty read. for me, this app is great!

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