Taking an online course: Part II

By David Lenz
Contributing Writer

The hardest thing to do when you are taking an online course and working is finding the time to take the course. The course of Self-Employment with a Minimal Investment through The Hadley School. This is one of my passions; to assist blind clients to start their own business.

The main thing that I have learned so far is to pull up the course online and bring up Microsoft Word I need to close all other programs so I am not distracted by email.

I use the alt + tab to switch between programs so I can take notes. So far that is working for me. If there is a sentence that I like and want to use I do a shift control arrow and high light. Then control + C to copy. Then  switch to the Word document with and alt + tab  and then control + V to paste. I have set up a folder in Word to keep my notes in.  From my experience and what I have learned from the course so far is: 

  1. Starting your own business is usually harder than going to work for someone else.
  2. A true entrepreneur has to be a self-starter and willing to take some chances.
  3. It is not for everyone.

See my previous post about this online course.

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