Taking an online course

By Dave Lenz
Contributing Writer

I have signed up to take an online class from the Hadley School for the Blind about starting up a small business as a blind person. Since, in my job, I am the go-to person for blind and visually impaired clients who want to start their own businesses, I thought this class was useful.

Signing up for the class was also an educational experience for me. First, I went to the Hadley School website. In JAWS, I used the Insert+F7 keys to scroll through the links list to find the right place for me to sign up. Then I pressed Insert+F5, forms mode, to fill out the form.

I did have a little trouble with entering my phone number, but I called them and they walked me through it.

After I submitted my application, I received an e-mail stating I had been accepted.

Outside the problem of entering my phone number, the process was easy. Registering for this online course was one more example of how if I get stuck or can’t get what I want on the Internet, going “old school” and picking up the phone is a good alternative. If that fails, there are a lot of people here at the Iowa Department for the Blind who can help.

I will keep you posted on my trials and errors with this online course.

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